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You’re trying to think of a way to explain to your clients how truly amazing your coaching or course can be for their life.  You have your social proof.  You know in your heart that this information is so important.  But what do you say?  

The blinking cursor seems to be mocking you.  “Come on,” it says, “I’m ready to move.  Give me something!”

You glare at it, momentarily forgetting all of the benefits that you just explained on that discovery you concluded only 30 minutes ago.  

Now what?

Writing sales copy can be hard for many reasons.  Maybe you’re better verbally.  We all know that we don’t all learn, process or share information in the same way.  Some of us are extroverts, or introverts, or something in between.  We all have our days when the words just won’t come.

When that happens to me, I have learned a few cues and prompts that bring amazing results.  My favorite two are:

  • What if?
  • Imagine…

Draw Your Customer In

The sheer brilliance of these is that it draws your customer or client into the conversation, and it lets them do some of the selling for you.   You do need to start from a place of knowing your customer or client’s needs and wants.  The questions and scenarios you use with either of these prompts must match up to what your customer or client is looking for and thinking about.  However, you aren’t looking to supply the answer.  Those answers can be as individual as your customers and clients.  

Consider these examples:

  • What if you knew you had a trusted financial partner on your side?
  • What if your baby started sleeping through the night next week?
  • What if clients came to your discovery call ready to buy?
  • What if writing was a joy because you knew exactly what to say?

Which of those did you find yourself starting to answer any of those questions?  It may tell you a little about what you are looking for, or perhaps how well you know your clients, in this scenario.  When you use these on your website, sales page or emails though, you are offering your customers and clients the opportunity to let their brain start filling in all the amazing things that could happen to their business or their life if they had any of those things.  You’ve started to get their emotions connecting to the outcomes you are offering.  

You don’t have to tell them all of the benefits of working with you, only draw them out to provide those answers for themselves.  

The Power of Imagination

Imagine never having to try to match up the perfect answer to each customer or client anymore.  It’s stressful beyond measure to try to actually get inside the head of each and every individual client.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a PhD in psychology or psychiatry to be able to connect well.  You don’t even have to have all of the words. 

Asking your customer or client to think about “What if…” or telling them to imagine works for any field, because your customers and clients are always invested in solving the problems they have!  

By using these powerful two prompts to get you started, you can draw out your client or customer’s own imagination to provide the answers you know will connect.   

These aren’t the be all, end all of copy writing, but they can be a powerful start for your copy.  Sometimes you may not even use the actual words “what if” or “imagine” in your copy, but playing around with them first can open wonderful ideas to include.

I’d love to hear how they work for you!  If you’re looking for copy writing help for your site, you can reach me here.