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It’s time to revisit (or write) your website, starting right from that homepage copy, and it feels a little daunting.  The key is to break this big project into do-able chunks!

First off, if you’re writing the copy, you don’t actually start with the copy.  You’ll want to make sure you have a plan about what you need to write and who you are writing it for.  For now, we’ll assume you’ve already done that work, and are flipping back and forth between your plan and your blank page.

There are many theories on where to start.  Anyone of them could be right for you.  Writing your web copy is not a set-in-stone, do this then that, kind of process.  Any part could inform another section, and you might find yourself modifying on the fly (hint… try to minimize that!  It can lead to some disjointed things you need to fix later).  

My personal favorite is to start with the homepage copy.  Using your outline and the client journey that you have worked through, you’ll want to hit all of the high points, pain points and connection opportunities.  You want your homepage copy to establish and link to several important items:

  • What problem you solve
  • How your client or customer can connect with (i.e. buy from) you
  • Who you are

If there are additional things you feel you must include in your homepage copy, make sure they relate to one of those three things!  If they don’t, those additional things belong on another page.  

So, let’s break those basics down:

What Problem You Solve

Do you sell small batch salsa?  Nope.  That is a product and I’m sure you are intending to sell it, but it’s probably not a solution your customers are looking for right now.  You bring the spice to the party.  You add zest to tonight’s dinner.  You might even make healthier snacking more exciting.  (Your salsa IS organic afterall).

Whether it’s a physical product or a service (financial coaching, mental health counseling, fitness coaching, etc.), your homepage should provide the problem and solution you provide.  Sometimes it feels like you have to think sideways to find the “problem”.  

Yes, your service is mental health counseling.  It’s also freedom from anxiety.  Finding the life that you wish you were living.  Help navigating your past to function better tomorrow.  

By focusing on the goal and the solution, you help your clients and customers remember and identify with your brand.  Think about the transformation you offer, the benefit to life, and/or the everyday problem you had in mind when you started your business.

Make sure you write it out.  It’s not financial coaching, you provide “Financial freedom”.

How Your Client or Customer Can Connect With You

On your homepage, you want to use “Buy now”, “Schedule a call”, “Join today,” or some other direct call to action. Make absolutely sure this exists as a written invitation as well as a button.  Remember, we’re talking about your actual copy, not just your web design.  Know how you want your invitation (yes, invitation) to be phrased, and be sure you use it in your copy.

Let’s take a moment and look at that “invitation”.  The word is chosen very carefully.  Yes, you want people to buy or sign-up or book with you.  Do you also believe in the worth of your product or service?  I sincerely hope that answer is, “Yes!”.  

If that’s true, then this is an invitation.  None of us are offering social (not even socially distant) get togethers or handing out massive freebies.  You want to frequently, starting on that homepage, invite your website visitor to take the next step.  

Who You Are

As a personal or product brand, your homepage should include something brief about who YOU are.  This can be a mention of why you love serving your clients or how much you enjoy helping people celebrate.  The key here is brief.  

Who you are should be more fully addressed in your About Me (or About Us) section, but somewhere just below the scroll line, you still want to include that personal connection to keep your audience interested.  

This one is simple, but important.  Especially with personal brands, your audience is looking to connect with YOU.  That personal piece of your mission or your passion is what makes you unique, and the right choice for your audience.  Don’t leave it out or hide it only in your About Me!

Now that you have a checklist for your homepage copy, it’s time to start writing!  The highlights of your homepage can and should be expanded on other pages, but your goal for this welcome screen is to make it obvious why your customer or client should stick around and what you want them to do.  Because even online businesses are about connection!  


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