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Erika Jones Copywriter and Video Editor


Intelligent Octopus serves course creators & ecommerce businesses by polishing their email and video communications so they can connect with their audience with greater consistency, and multiply their marketing impact. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to you before beginning a project?

Absolutely!  A discovery call is a typical part of deciding to work together, although I have accepted projects over Messenger or email alone at times.  If you’d like to schedule a call, you can fill out the form above, or go directly to my scheduling link HERE.

What is your typical turn-around time for video editing?

This definitely depends on the length and complexity of your project.  Typically, I like to request a week, to allow time for file transfer, rendering, and a review process.  As we work together, it’s possible that we may develop a different timeline.

Alternately, if you are looking for short videos and very light editing, it may be as little as 2 business days.

Let’s talk about your project to see what you need! 

How do you provide your content?

For video editing, I use Dropbox to transfer files. Video uploading to YouTube is included in some packages, and can be added to others for an additional fee.

For emails, audit feedback and other copy projects, content is provided via shared Google Docs.  If you would like your emails input into your MailChimp, Kajabi, ConvertKit, or FloDesk, this can be added for an additional fee.  If you use a different provider, I’m happy to discuss that.


How do you gather your information for writing my website copy or sales page?

I have a very effective questionnaire which will help you think about your business, and provide the information I need to get started.  For most business owners, completing the form takes less than an hour.  If you want to provide more in-depth information, it may take you a little longer.  Typically, this is sufficient to complete a project, however, we can also schedule a call to discuss the questionnaire if you find that you would prefer to verbally expand some of your thoughts.

What is your typical turn-around time for email copy?

This definitely depends on the length and complexity of your project.  A single email or short sequence (~3 emails) can usually be provided in 2-4 business days after your questionnaire is completed.

For full email sequences, turn-around time can be up to two weeks.   We can establish milestone deadlines within that time frame, especially for email sequences, if you are coordinating with other service providers.
Ongoing nurture sequences are typically created 2 emails at a time, and we can work to establish a monthly rhythem that works for both of us.

All copy and content projects do include at least one round of revisions as well.  This is built into the time frames.

Let’s talk about your project to see what you need! 

Ok... but really, WHICH of your 8 favorite ice cream flavors is your real favorite? As a word person, don't you know the meaning of "favorite"?

You’ve got me there!  The day I wrote this, cookies and cream was my favorite.  I haven’t had it in quite a while, so it sounds great.  If you ask in a call, it might be different.  If it’s December, it might be mint chocolate chip… there’s just something about the Christmas season and mint.

Will you add my question to this FAQ?

Maybe!  Contact me using the form above, or directly to and let’s talk about your question.