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If you, like me, have a toddler at home, perhaps you’ve had that moment watching a complete meltdown where you think, “sorry, little one, it’s just not all about you!”  

Now, as a business owner, you’re potential meltdown is a bit different.  Rather than not getting what you want or being distressed about the color of your bowl, you’re probably just panicking about what you SHOULD (or shouldn’t?) include in that About Me section of your website.  

It’s driven many to need a glass of wine (or a DQ Blizzard, depending on your vice).  So, here’s your permission to back away, breath calmly and start over with the knowledge that…. It’s not actually about you!

I can hear the protests already.  “But… it’s called ‘About ME’  or at least ‘About MY BUSINESS’.”  

Yes, that is the name of the section.  And your client or customer did go to that section because they are curious about the personality, mission and/or passion behind your business.  However, your client is not expecting a memoir, resume, or life story.  

She’s hoping to find a shared passion.  He’s hoping to find a passion to help businesses just like his.  She just wants a glimpse of the transformation she needs for her family or life.  He wants a solid dose of advice that just makes sense.  

So, what do you include in that About section?  You want to include your mission, passion and a couple of personal details.  This is about connecting with your client, so the first two are absolutely client or customer facing.  Let’s dig a little deeper.


You started your business for a reason.  There is something you are doing, hope to do repeatedly or solve for your customers and clients.  Mostly it’s a problem, to be honest, but it could be described in other terms if you prefer.  And you have a solution for that!  Your mission, and you don’t need to label it such, is what you feel the world needed.  Include that!  Describe the thing you knew needed to be fixed.  Share your excitement in the service or product (i.e. solution) you provide.

This can also be the part where you explain how or why you know this is something that will help your client.  You see them!  You want to (and do) relate with their struggles and passions and are excited to help them grow too.


What do you love?  Why do you do this so often that you need a website?  Missions can seem stuffy or overwhelming, unless you add this touch of passion.  Connection comes from the fact that you or your business cares deeply about this.  You will be around because this is what you stand for.  

Your passion should describe why you love to work with businesses like theirs. You are talking about you and your business, but through the lens of your client’s interests.  This is the thrill that you also get when your service helps their business thrive.  The goose-bumps you get when a client testimonial comes back.  You’ve seen how this works, and you simply cannot NOT share it.  Your work is too important to keep to yourself.

Personal Details

Did you think you could skip these entirely?  Even though your client doesn’t want your life history, they do want a reason to like you or your business personally.  A catchy list of a few traits can be perfect.  Maybe some fun factoids about your team.  Personally, I used 4 simple one liners. 

  • I’m an INTJ.  
  • Tea, never coffee.  
  • I have 8 favorite ice cream flavors.  (To be honest, my choice changes every time I’m at the store, but that’s not a one-liner.)
  • I’ve completed 3 half-Ironman races.

Did you learn a little bit about me?  None of those relate directly to my business, but including those kind of personal, but not too personal details can create that connection people are looking for on About pages.  

I know I revel whenever I see someone else who says they love tea!  I want to work with them immediately, just for that completely non-business related detail.  Often, I do re-evaluate, but I still like them a little bit more 😉

Your About Me section is important, as a connection point and as a place to explain to new (and returning!) visitors what sets your business apart.  It is easy to think that it should be a short biography or way to present all your commonalities to your audience.  Experiment with these 3 tips for connecting with your audience and see what happens!  In addition to possibly making it easier to write (since it’s not all blowing your own horn), you’ll likely find that you can better create that connection you are seeking!


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