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Work With Me

It’s time to cut through the hype, all the “right” ways of doing things, and just bring your message and your authority to the world.  Let’s make it practical, true and relatable. 

I bring to your business and website over 15 years of corporate work ranging from local marketing to a stint at one of those tech giants.   From small town to big city, I’ve seen it, I’ve worked it and I’ve lived it.   One thing I’ve discovered is that no matter where you live or work, we’re more similar than not.  Yes, we’ll need to tailor your message, and that’s where the experience comes in…

Starting from a Communications degree with an English writing minor, I’ve practiced communication in the forms of email (countless emails!), web copy,  and video editing for almost two decades.      

My passion and hobbies have always been fitness related, from dance to fitness classes to triathlon.   You know, all those things that require discipline, facts and technique, with a touch of creativity.   I know how to figure out how to get things done!

You need to share your wisdom and authority with your audience.  I’ve got the creativity for the words, and the dicsipline to keep it consistent. 

Let’s get you where you want to be!

Work Together

Email Marketing Content.

Need a new welcome sequence?  Ready to get consistent with that ongoing connection to your audience?  Time to tell your audience about the new course?  Let’s do this!

Sample pricing:

Weekly email content: $299 monthly

Welcome Sequence: starting at $249 for 3 emails

Launch Sequence: starting at $499 for 6 emails

Inputting content to your mail server can be added to most services.

Copy and Content Services

Website Copy

Your storefront to the world needs to communicate clearly!  If it’s your first site or your recent rebrand, let’s get your message clear, concise and ready to connect.

Sample Pricing:

Website copy: starting at $599 for 5 pages

Sales page: starting at $299

Landing page: starting at $249

Video Editing

Your YouTube channel is getting followers.  Congratulations!  The time it takes to edit is eating in to your client time though.  Bummer.  Time to outsource the nitty-gritty details.  All edits include time for revisions.

Sample pricing:

15 minute completed video with titles, light editing: starting at $79

30 minute completed video, detailed editing: starting at $189

A La Carte and Add-On Services

Looking for a starter project?  Need to add some content re-purposing to your video work?  This is where to find it!


Content review and copy-edit:

Give your existing copy the extra polish it needs!  A review and copy-edit of your website, email sequence or sales page help draw in your audience and give you a little extra confidence. 

Starting at $49 for a sales page or single email

Blog post from video:

800-1000 word blog post based on your video content. 

Starting at $99

Show notes:

250-500 words to describe and promote your video on YouTube. 

Starting at $49

What is it like to work with me?

Straight to the point communication and deliverables!  You’ll receive the attention you require, the details you need, and timely check-ins on the process of your project.

We’ll start with a discovery call to learn the extent of your project or projects, and if all seems a good fit, we’ll proceed to a contract and invoice before starting.

Next step will be a questionnaire and/or sharing of appropriate resources to get your project started.

I use Click-Up, Google Docs, Voxer, Dropbox and email (plus a few others!) to keep everything organized and everyone on the same page.

Looking forward to chatting with you about your project!  Let’s make sure the world knows about you 😉