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Intelligent Octopus Services

Your Message + Consistency = Visibility & Impact!


Intelligent Octopus  focuses on polishing email or video communication for course creators and e-commerce businesses so you can connect with and draw in your audience (and increase sales!) with the consistency and clarity you know you should have while still focusing on the parts of your business that are your passion and zone of genius.


Video & Email Content Services

You can pick only one or the other, but if you’re looking for the unicorn (or intelligent octopus) who can work with both your visual and written media, you’re in the right place!

Bundled Video & Email Services

Video & Email

Bundle your video and content needs for greater consistency!

*Length of your videos and complexity of editing are considered in your package price.

Basic Editing:

  • One video source
  • Add existing intro and outro
  • Basic audio clean up
  • Remove gaps and pauses
  • Basic transitions
  • Up to 10 text or image overlays
  • One round of revisions

Advanced Editing Options include:

  • All components of Basic Editing PLUS:
  • Up to five video sources
  • Source royalty free music
  • Additional text or image overlays
  • Motion graphics
  • Advanced transitions
  • Up to three rounds of revisions

Video Only

Polish your course videos or YouTube content!

*Length of your videos and complexity of editing are considered in your package price.

Email Marketing

 Draw in your audience with welcome sequences, sales sequences and ongoing nurture sequences.

What is it like to work with me?

Straight to the point communication and deliverables!  You’ll receive the attention you require, the details you need, and timely check-ins on the process of your project.

  1. Discovery call: let’s chat about the extent of your project or projects.
  2. Get the pieces together: We’ll use a questionnaire and/or Dropbox to share the resources to get your project started.
  3. The magic happens: You relax or focus on anything else as your message is polished and prepped for the world.
  4. You revel in your consistency and visibility! 

I use Click-Up, Google Docs, Voxer, Dropbox and email (plus a few others!) to keep everything organized and everyone on the same page.

Looking forward to chatting with you about video or email content.  Let’s make sure the world hears your brilliance!

Core Values:

Your standard octopus keeps things very simple: hide, hunt, make more octopuses.  

Intelligent Octopus does a few more things than that, but I still believe that core values should be simple.   Here’s what IO finds most important as your message is polished to best reach your humans:

Humanity- We are people, talking to people.  Let’s find what we have in common and focus there first!  We’ll figure it out together from there.

Grace-  Speak well, speak gently, and always assume the best of others.  In the way we communicate, do business, and take responsibility for what goes wrong.  We’re all imperfect.

Education Anything alive grows.  Humans grow by learning and experiencing new things.  If you’re not growing, then you’re stagnating or going backwards.  So, we want to always look for new things, and to provide new ideas as well.