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Featured Clients & Projects

Long-Form Shopcast & Shorts

The Woolly Thistle

Twice a month, Corinne, her staff and her collection of contributors from around the US, plus Fair Isle, UK, provide a 60-90 minute “shopcast” to their growing community.  This became possible when Corinne signed on for video editing to her then-solo project.  Since then, we’ve crossed over 15K subscribers, and the community just keeps growing and bringing new customers to her beautiful online shop.


Short Podcast with repurposing

The YouSchool

Scott from The YouSchool had all the skills, and had been doing it on his own for 60+ episodes, but he knew it wasn’t the best use of his time.  For 18 months we worked together, with him recording and planning then handing off the editing, review of the subtitle file, posting to YouTube & Kajabi (audio & video versions), and creating the two social media clips per episode.  So much time saved.  His podcast continued after me, but our work together set him up well for the next step.


Course Package
with Promotion Video and Podcast

The Honor Foundation

In supporting veterans in their transition to civilian life, The Vector Accelerator included a course, a podcast, and the videos to promote both of those assets.  In a wide-ranging project, having one video editor can help keep present a cohesive feel to all your videos. 

Course Promo Video for Website

Email Video Series
with Social Media

Building Dreams Co.

With a book launch coming in the fall, Building Dreams built out an email series to promote the book and new business aspects that would launch with it.  Episodes were released to YouTube with a delay from the email debut, and shorts were created to drive traffic to the new video series.


Course Videos Using B-roll

Dr. Stacey Consulting

Dr. Stacey created a course to complement her practice and help those who couldn’t fit in regular counseling.  However, she wanted more than just a talking head on the 50+ videos for her course.  We used b-roll, subtitles, and limited graphics to illustrate and empower her message.

Repurpose An Interview to Shorts

Vanessta Sparks

Vanessta was interviewed for nearly 60 minutes, and wanted to use that time to create materials for her own marketing.  As a starter project, we created 6 shorts for ongoing use, with 4 of the also branded to support a specific time-sensitive launch.