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Hi, I’m Erika.

Founder and human behind Intelligent Octopus.

“My kingdom for an intelligent octopus!” 

yelled the overwhelmed, frontline medico to the bustling, chaotic, makeshift surgical theater in a popular ‘80s sitcom.  

Just like you, he knew what needed to be done.  He just needed more hands to do it!  He had a vision, knew it was possible, but just couldn’t do it alone.

You know the power of your vision, are so confident in it… but you just can’t do it alone!

We’ve all been there.

I remember feeling like this with a pre-schooler and a newborn.  I knew all the things.  I just needed someone with intelligence (i.e. not the preschooler) to step in that gap and start taking over some of the things.  Maybe things they loved and I didn’t.  Someone likes cleaning bathrooms, right?

What is it for you?

  • You can create content, of a sort.  
  • You can talk a blue streak about what you love, but releasing it into the world still needs a little extra work.  
  • You can outline, rough in, and record 53 takes, but there’s still that gap between your idea and the work you know needs to be put in.  

If only you had more hands to get it all done, polished and out there!

I actually DO like those things that you, well, just need off your plate!

For some people, words are just easy.  Those people are a bit of a strange breed, I know.  I’m one of them. The video editing side of my business fulfills my need to work with the details.  These are two things that I truly love being able to combine.

When you’re working in your zone of genius, “work” becomes joyful and fulfilling.  I’m thankful that I get the opportunity to provide the polish that your message needs. 

And you get to close those time-consuming, confidence-sucking gaps in your business so you can finally get back that time AND get the consistency you’ve been trying to nail for far too long!  

I’m here to be the extra hands, eyes and brain-power you need to polish that message while you focus on your true passion!

#1: Tea. Not Coffee.

#2: I've completed 3 half-Ironman races.

#3: I have 8 favorite kinds of ice cream.

#4: I am an INTJ.


At the core, better communication helps all of us!

Words and video often need to be polished to do the work you know they can do.  

You need the freedom to know your passion is being communicated well and consistently so that you have increasing sales while you focus on passing on your brilliance and passion to your audience.

Intelligent Octopus helps established online course creators and focused e-commerce shops share their passion, inform and enthrall their audience, and increase sales through email and video communications. 

We say what we mean, find what we need, and raise people up all around us. 


Let’s work together to make the world a little happier, more fulfilled and brighter…

                                      one message at a time!


Your standard octopus keeps things very simple: hide, hunt, make more octopuses.  

Intelligent Octopus does a few more things than that, but I still believe that core values should be simple.   Here’s what IO finds most important as your message is polished to best reach your humans:

HumanityWe are people, talking to people.  Let’s find what we have in common and focus there first!  We’ll figure it out together from there.

Grace Speak well, speak gently, and always assume the best of others.  In the way we communicate, do business, and take responsibility for what goes wrong.  We’re all imperfect.

Education– Anything alive grows.  Humans grow by learning and experiencing new things.  If you’re not growing, then you’re stagnating or going backwards.  So, we want to always look for new things, and to provide new ideas as well.