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INTELLIGENT OCTOPUS serves video podcasters, YouTube channels, and course creators by editing your videos to connect as you intended, plus provide production support for those videos, so you can connect with your audience with greater consistency, and multiply your marketing impact.

Communication feels like it SHOULD be easy, and yet…

Often it’s hard to say things the right way, find the distance to create YOUR message well, or just plain show up consistently.  

It doesn’t have to be when you have extra hands!

You know your message.  You LOVE your message.  It just needs a little polish to make the impact you know it can… but with what time?

You just need an extra brain, or maybe some extra hands!  

Well, you’ve just found them.

    You are so confident in your podcast messaging, business model, and/or community building (and selling)!  

    People are buying, connecting, and a community forming.  But it’s getting harder to keep up with all the things it takes to keep this going.  

    You know you should be more consistent… 

    But it takes time!  Time you don’t have every week, or month, even when you DO batch your content.  


    If only…

    • You could record your content, and <poof!> it came back a little bit later as a polished video, ready to post PLUS repurposed for social media.  

    • Your editor could also upload those videos for you, to YouTube or your course platform.

    • You didn’t have to think about which exact parts of your content needed to be repurposed.  Or you could decide, and they’d just make themselves! 

    • That video content could also be made into an audio podcast, without you touching it. 

    When you hand off that raw video, you get your time back, more consistency, and professionally polished content.

    • Video editing for video podcasts, courses, and one-time projects

    • Production support, for posting and repurposing

    • Record and send raw content in batches

    • Accountability and added confidence included!


    Video Editing + Support

    Video Editing Services

    Production Support

    Let’s Change Intention to Action.

    You’ve been building your podcast or course for a while now. You know you need to put some of that time back into other parts of your business, or quite frankly, you just don’t WANT to put in the time to edit all that video anymore.  It was a great place to start, but it’s time for the next step.  Plus, you’re thinking about ways to make it look better or just be easier, but again… the time to learn that!

    You need extra hands, extra hours or an extra brain to get all of this the way you know it could (or should) be.  

    Intelligent Octopus is your “extra”.  

    This is the extra time, polish and brilliance you know your message needs.  

    Hand it over, 

                  take a deep breath, 

                                      and take care of what you love… 

    Knowing that your message is being polished and repurposed, so that your brilliance is getting out into the world consistently, increasing your visibility and opportunity!


    Where would you like to start? 

    Erika Jones Copywriter and Video Editor

    You know the things you SHOULD do for your video podcast or course…

    You just need someone to step into that gap and start taking over some of the things!  

    My name is Erika Jones, and I’m the brains behind Intelligent Octopus.  

    There was a fateful day way back in college, when I volunteered to help my InterVarsity chapter with a little drama skit.  Next thing you know, I’m being shown the only video editing suite on campus.  Most students didn’t even know it existed.   I was hooked.

    After 15+ years of video editing in the corporate world and non-profit, I’ve moved into the online realm.  Not only do I know editing, but I help with uploading, shownotes, and scheduling.  All the things in one place?!? 

    Yes, folks, you are meant to have help with “all the things” for your video.    And I love being those extra hands to fill your gaps.

    Those time consuming details between:

    • Your video footage and your published podcast.
    • Your rough recording and your polished course.  
    • Your idea of consistent videos and actually getting them recorded, uploaded and promoted.

    Giving you the confidence to record and write knowing your audience will only see your gaffes when (and if!) you WANT to provide the bloopers reel.

    Let’s get that polish on your raw brilliance, so that your message reaches out clearly and consistently, and helps you change your corner of the world.

    Erika Jones Copywriter and Video Editor

    Get the Record Your Video Right Checklist

    praise & testimonials

    Copy Writing Skills Are Top Notch!

    I needed another set of eyes to look over the copy for course sales page I had designed and Erika gave me some amazing suggestions! She really helped me make the message more clear and powerful. Her copy writing skills are top notch! I definitely recommend her for your content writing needs.

    Courtney Ibinger
    Courtney Ibinger Instructional Designer

    HIGHLY Recommend!

    Erika Jones is excellent! She works well with little direction and her turnaround time is AMAZING! I will definitely continue to use her. If you need support in anyway for your business I HIGHLY recommend Erika, you will not be disappointed.

    Dalaina Knight
    Dalaina Knight
    Closing With Courage

    She Captured the Message!

    This is the first video editor that I have worked with. Erika went beyond my expectations with the branding of my videos. She framed them and added words to the video. They are professional looking and she captured the message that I needed to get out.

    Vanessta Sparks
    YouNique Spark

    An Expert in Video Editing

    Erika took our vision and brought it to life beyond our expectations. We gave her a lot of video to work with and she thoughtfully pieced together an amazing video that we are excited to share! She is very easy to work with and is able to turn raw video into a beautifully curated one that truly captures your vision. It is clear she is an expert in video editing.

    Molly Mariss
    Molly Mariss LLC (client: Building Dreams Co.)

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